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The Summer Camp for kids - let's ride!
Motorcycle training facility

Austin Texas



We are The Kids' Summer Camp for Motorcycles!


Iron Horse Country Ranch
The Summer Camp for Kids on Motorcycles!

Sign up now, our last weeks of summer are only available - $580

Weekly Day Camps M-F    June -August
We supply all the motorcycles, gear and training -
Let your child come experience a week of riding they will not soon forget!
We teach everyone to ride in small groups, its a blast!
Parents and kids from all over the country come to us year after year .
We do not know of any other summer camp facilities in the U.S. We are about the only palce you can even ride a mtorcycle.
Check the internet in your area for a place to ride, it is normal to drive 1 to 2 hours away.
Open June - August limited space Weekly Summer Camps


News Flash across the country... . COOLEST CAMP TO GO TO ..see video at the bottom      

Welcome to the kid's camp - We have Motorycles!

2015 Summer Camp Week includes:
All gear , Motorcycle and Training for the week -motocross and more.
Shuttle bus transportation to and from camp
Drinks and snacks are included
Children are required to bring sack lunch
optional lunch meal plan

Paying by check just email or call to let us know
Mailing address P.O. Box 202168 Austin, TX 78720

Register and make Payment and you are in one of the most exciting camp's for your children.

Welcome to the summer camp - at the ranch - all level of riders 8-15 yrs, have a blast!, Most kids are beginners or have never ridden before. You have never seen a kids resort like this! Animals, Rec. Center, Pool and friends . Motocross training / Motocross Tracks / Dirt bike Trails. /Video Training and Picture Review. All riding done with our coaches . We supply all the motorcycles and the gear for riders at our camp. Its not just another camp - its the country's motorcycle camp for kids' . One of the greatest adventures a child will have today is to ride a motorcycle. The ranch has much to see and do and the motorcycles get everyone back outside having fun again. You will not see your child more happy!

Welcome to Our Ranch
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